This skill represents your character's training with maces. By increasing this skill your Attack Power, Accuracy, and chance of performing special attacks increases. The aforementioned bonuses apply only when fighting with a mace.

Recommendation: 2/5 - If Swords are quick and balanced, Maces are large and powerful, but slow. Maces boast some of the highest Attack Power in the game, but like Axes, they are hampered by a fairly limited selection. Additionally, Mace users will find Accuracy tends to suffer, making them unreliable next to other weapon types. The Vitality bonuses are appreciated, making Mace use best for tanks, especially Minotaurs. In the end, you'll have to decide if the high damage makes up for the lack of consistent output, but between the three weapon types for Fighters, Maces are probably the ones worth passing over.

Level Ability
4 Vitality +1
7 Health +5
10 Bash (A bone shattering blow that deals double damage)
13 Vitality +1
17 Health +5
20 Crushing Blow (A powerful smash that deals great damage)
24 Vitality +1
28 Health +5
33 Devastating Blow (A ground trembling attack that partially bypasses enemy's armor)
38 Vitality +1
42 Health +5
46 Vitality +1
50 Mace Master (Attacks with maces ignore enemy's armor)