Earth Magic
This skill represents your character's training in Earth Magic. You obtain the power to cast new spells and increase the efficiency of earth spells as you advance in this skill. In order to learn a spell, you also need to find a scroll explaining the runes of the spell.

Recommendation: 3/5 - Earth Magic deals with Poison-type magic. Unfortunately, Poison simply isn't quite as powerful as it could be, and doesn't damage undead creatures in Grimrock. While it helps do supplemental damage over time, and the resistance bonuses are welcome, there are simply better magic schools to choose from.

Level Ability
3 Spell: Poison Cloud
7 Spell: Poison Bolt
9 Resist Poison +10
11 Spell: Unknown
13 Spell: Poison Shield
17 Vitality +1
19 Resist Poison +10
23 Improved Poison Bolt (Your Poison Bolt spells are much more powerful)
26 Vitality +1
29 Resist Poison +10
32 Circle of Protection, Earth (All party members gain Resist Poison +25)
35 Vitality +1
39 Resist Poison +10
44 Vitality +1
50 Earth Mastery (Resist Poison +100)