Air Magic
This skill represents your character's training in Air Magic. You obtain the power to cast new spells and increase the efficiency of air spells as you advance in this skill. In order to learn a spell, you also need to find a scroll explaining the runes of the spell.

Recommendation: 4/5 - One of the best magic schools. Shock magic is quite damaging (both giving and receiving it), and Resist Shock is hard to boost compared to other resistances. However, you will have more trouble finding the spell scrolls for Air Magic than other magic schools, making it a bit biased towards second play-throughs.

Level Ability
4 Spell: Shock
5 Resist Shock +10
9 Spell: Unknown
11 Dexterity +1
14 Spell: Lightning Bolt
17 Resist Shock +10
19 Spell: Invisibility
22 Spell: Shock Shield
25 Dexterity +1
27 Greater Lightning Bolt (Your Lightning Bolt spells are much more powerful)
30 Resist Shock +10
32 Circle of Protection, Air (All party members gain Resist Shock +25)
35 Dexterity +1
39 Resist Shock +10
44 Dexterity +1
50 Air Mastery (Resist Shock +100)