Fire Magic
This skill represents your character's training in Fire Magic. You obtain the power to cast new spells and increase the efficiency of fire spells as you advance in this skill. In order to learn a spell, you also need to find a scroll explaining the runes of the spell.

Recommendation: 4/5 - Fire Magic does high damage right from the beginning, and the resistance bonuses it provides are very useful throughout much of the game. While it lacks utility value, it makes up for it in the sheer amount of hurt a Fire Magic user is able to dish out. If you intend your Mage to be a damager, Fire Magic is the best choice.

Level Ability
2 Spell: Fireburst
6 Resist Fire +10
7 Spell: Enchant Fire Arrow
10 Strength +1
13 Spell: Fireball
16 Spell: Fire Shield
19 Resist Fire +10
21 Strength +1
24 Greater Fireball (Fireballs cast by you are much more powerful)
28 Resist Fire +10
32 Circle of Protection, Fire (All party members gain Resist Fire +25)
35 Strength +1
39 Resist Fire +10
44 Strength +1
50 Fire Mastery (Resist Fire +100)