Throwing Weapons
This skill represents your character's training with throwing weapons. Attack Power with throwing weapons increases as you progress in this skill.

Recommendation: 1/5 - Throwing weapons simply aren't effective enough to consider investing Skill Points into. Being able to throw several Bombs in succession is good to have, but supplies of these tend to be quite limited, and Shurikens and Throwing Knives, while plentiful, aren't very damaging. Save your Bombs for special occasions and ignore this Skill entirely - there are better ones to use. The 1/5 ranking doesn't mean Throwing Weapons aren't viable, just that there are better skills to invest in.

Level Ability
4 Strength +1
8 Health +5
12 Quick Throw (25% faster attack rate with throwing weapons)
16 Strength +1
20 Health +5
24 Improved Quick Throw (50% faster attack rate with throwing weapons)
28 Strength +1
32 Double Throw (Throw two items with a single attack)
36 Strength +1
40 Health +5
45 Strength +1
50 Throwing Master (Doubles chance of scoring a critical hit with throwing weapons)