Missile Weapons
This skill represents your character's training with missile weapons such as slings, bows, and crossbows. Attack Power with these weapons increases as you progress in this skill.

Recommendation: 4/5 - Rogues won't do incredible damage with Missile Weapons, but the ability to attack from afar can be more useful than you think, allowing you to get pot shots in while running away from enemies, or shoot them from beyond a pit or other obstacle. Crossbows and Bows are fairly similar, but use different ammo and have different speed-to-power ratios, but both are capable. Unless you plan for a Rogue to specialize in melee assault, Missile Weapons should be a primary Skill choice.

Level Ability
4 Dexterity +1
8 Energy +5
12 Quick Shot (25% faster attack rate with bows)
16 Dexterity +1
20 Energy +5
24 Improved Quick Shot (50% faster attack rate with bows)
28 Energy +5
32 Volley (Shoot 2 missiles with a single shot)
36 Dexterity +1
40 Energy +5
45 Dexterity +1
50 Master Archer (Doubles chance of scoring a critical hit with missile weapons)