This skill represents your training in the way of the assassin. As you progress in this skill, you gain access to deadly and precise melee techniques.

Recommendation: 5/5 - Assassination is the ultimate secondary skill for melee Rogues, making them much faster and more effective fighters. While Assassination is basically useless for ranged attackers, it's a no-brainer for Dagger-users. The final perk, Master Assassin, makes all backstabs instantly lethal, and suffice is to say it's one of the best level 50 bonuses you can get. The only downside is you'll probably have to ignore the Dodge tree to max out Assassination, making your Rogue a bit more vulnerable.

Level Ability
4 Strength +1
8 Backstabbing (Double damage when attacking an enemy from behind)
12 Reach Attack (Attack with melee weapons from back row)
16 Strength +2
20 Improved Backstabbing (Triple damage when attacking enemy from behind)
23 Quick Strike (25% faster attack rate with melee weapons)
27 Strength +2
31 Improved Critical (Doubles chance of scoring a critical hit)
35 Piercing Attack (Reduces target's protection by 10)
40 Strength +2
45 Improved Quick Strike (50% faster attack rate with melee weapons)
50 Master Assassin (Backstabs are instant kills)