This skill represents your character's training with swords. By increasing this skill your Attack Power, Accuracy, and chance of performing special attacks increases. The aforementioned bonuses apply only when fighting with a sword.

Recommendation: 5/5 - Swords are some of the best weapons in the game, both fairly quick and damaging. While they aren't as powerful as Maces, their relatively high Accuracy means that they're far more reliable to use. Being able to avoid enemy armor at level 23, even on random occasions, is also a huge benefit compared to the other weapons. Overall, every party should have a Sword user in the mix.

Level Ability
4 Strength +1
7 Health +5
10 Slash (A powerful slash that cuts flesh to the bone)
13 Energy +5
16 Parry (Evasion +5 when wielding a sword)
19 Dexterity +1
23 Thrust (A powerful attack that pierces enemy's armor)
26 Health +5
29 Strength +1
33 Flurry of Slashes (A deadly chain of attacks that shred enemies to pieces)
37 Energy +5
42 Health +5
46 Dexterity +1
50 Sword Master (Doubles attack speed with swords)