The Armors skill represents a fighter's knowledge of armor and defensive combat techniques. Spending points in this skill improves the effectiveness of equipped armor and your character's defensive abilities.

Recommendation: 5/5 - All Fighters will want to boost up their Armors Skill in conjunction with another weapon Skill. The bonuses here are almost required for surviving the more dangerous encounters and getting the most out of your meat shields. Maxing it out will make that character nearly invincible.

Level Ability
2 Protection +1
5 Health +10
8 Light Armor Proficiency (No penalties from wearing light armors)
12 Health +10
16 Heavy Armor Proficiency (No penalties from wearing heavy armors)
19 Health +15
22 Protection +2
25 Shield Expert (Doubles evasion bonus of equipped shield)
28 Health +15
33 Evasion +5
35 Health +25
38 Protection +2
44 Health +25
50 Armor Master (Protection +25)