Ice Magic
This skill represents your character's training in Ice Magic. You obtain the power to cast new spells and increase the efficiency of ice spells as you advance in this skill. In order to learn a spell, you also need to find a scroll explaining the runes of the spell.

Recommendation: 5/5 - While Ice Magic doesn't do as much damage as its cousins, the simple fact is that it is able to freeze enemies solid, rendering them helpless. This is one of the only stunning-type effects in the game, and a well-used Ice Magic spell can turn the tide of a battle and help with crowd control, which becomes essential during many fights. The Cold Resist bonuses aren't as useful because Cold damge tends to be fairly rare until the endgame, but the freezing effects more than make up for that.

Level Ability
3 Spell: Ice Shards
5 Resist Cold +10
7 Spell: Unknown
10 Willpower +1
13 Spell: Frostbolt
16 Resist Cold +10
19 Spell: Unknown
21 Willpower +1
24 Improved Frostbolt (Your Frostbolt spells are much more powerful)
28 Resist Cold +10
32 Circle of Protection, Ice (All party members gain Resist Cold +25)
35 Willpower +1
39 Resist Cold +10
44 Willpower +1
50 Ice Mastery (Resist Cold +100)