This skill represents your character's training with daggers. By increasing this skill, your Attack Power, Accuracy, and chance of performing special attacks increases. The aforementioned bonuses apply only when fighting with a dagger.

Recommendation: 4/5 - Daggers are your only real choice for a melee Rogue, but they can pack a serious punch when this Skill is upgraded. The fast attack times usually make up for the lack of direct damage next to other weapon types, and combined with Assassination for more effective backstabs, your Rogue will eventually become an enemy-murdering machine.

Level Ability
4 Dexterity +1
7 Energy +5
10 Stab (A precise attack that deals double damage)
14 Energy +5
18 Dexterity +1
22 Piercing Strike (A stab that pierces through enemy's armor)
26 Energy +5
29 Dexterity +1
33 Flurry of Slashes (A deadly chain of attacks that shred enemies to pieces)
38 Energy +5
42 Dexterity +1
46 Energy +5
50 Death Strike (An extremely deadly attack that slays most enemies)