This skill represents your character's training with axes. By increasing this skill, your Attack Power, Accuracy, and chance of performing special attacks increases. The aforementioned bonuses apply only when fighting with an axe.

Recommendation: 3/5 - Axes are solid weapons, in-between Swords and Maces in terms of power and speed. The main problem with Axes is that they are also fairly rare to come by, and there are only a few of them to find in the entire game. If you have a Fighter devoted to using Axes, then by all means select this Skill, but Swords are usually the better choice unless you have multiple Fighters and don't want them to share weapon types.

Level Ability
4 Strength +1
7 Health +5
10 Chop (Useful technique for chopping firewood and severing limbs of an enemy)
14 Health +5
18 Strength +1
22 Cleave (A mighty blow that deals a huge amount of damage)
26 Health +5
29 Strength +1
33 Rampage (An extremely powerful attack dealing massive damage)
38 Health +5
42 Strength +1
46 Health +5
50 Axe Master (Attack Power +20 when wielding an axe)