Staff Defense
This skill improves a mage's defensive abilities.

Recommendation: 2/5 - Mages will almost never be front-line fighters, so immediately this Skill loses value. Generally, if your Mage is taking damage, something is seriously wrong, and in that case, Staff Defense probably doesn't provide enough benefits to keep your Mage alive very long. The Evasion bonuses are useful, but the rest, including Light Armor Proficiency, just can't make a convincing case for why you'd want to give up spell effectiveness for Staff Defense.

Level Ability
2 Protection +1
5 Evasion +5
8 Health +10
11 Protection +2
14 Light Armor Proficiency (No penalties from wearing light armor)
18 Evasion +5
22 Health +10
27 Evasion +5
32 Health +10
37 Protection +2
42 Evasion +5
50 Staff Master (Protection +10, Evasion +30)