Sorcerers are practitioners of magic who were born with the innate ability to cast spells. It is thought that the blood of some powerful creature flows through their veins; perhaps they are the spawn of the gods themselves, or even dragons walking in humanoid form. Regardless, the Sorcerer's magic is intuitive rather than logical. They know fewer spells than mages, and acquire spells more slowly, but they can cast spells more often and have no need to select and prepare spells ahead of time. Sorcerers cannot specialise in magic the way mages do. Other than these differences, a Sorcerer is very similar to the mage.

Available Race(s): Human, Elf, Half-Elf

Primary Attribute(s): Intelligence (9 Minimum), Charisma (9 Minimum)

Stronghold: The Sorcerer can acquire the Planar Sphere in the Slums District. See our Sorcerer Quests section for more information.


- Can cast spells more often

- Doesn't need to memorize spells

- Spells chosen/learned at level-up (not from scrolls)


- Know fewer spells than the regular Mage

- Acquire spells more slowly than regular Mage

- Cannot specialize in a particular school of magic

- No experience points from scribing scrolls

Possible High-Level Abilities [ToB]

Additional Level 6 Spell
Additional Level 7 Spell
Additional Level 8 Spell
Dragon's Breath
Energy Blades
Improved Alacrity
Summon Dark Planetar
Summon Planetar