Berserker (Fighter Kit)
This is a warrior who is in tune with his animalistic side and, during combat, can achieve an ecstatic state of mind that will enable him to fight longer, harder and more savagely than any human has a right to. Berserkers tend to be barbarian-like in nature, but not always. Sometimes it is a conscious choice that a warrior in training makes.

Available Race(s): All

Primary Attribute(s): Strength (9 Minimum)

Stronghold: The Berserker can acquire the de'Arnise Keep as his stronghold. See our Fighter Quests section for more information.


- Can use Berserker Rage once per day for every 4 levels (While raged: +2 bonus to hit and damage, -2 AC bonus, Immune to: Charm, Hold, Fear, Maze, Imprisonment, Stun, and Sleep, temporary 15 HP increase [taken away at end of rage - could cause death])

- Advanced Weapon Specialization (+++++)

- Can use any weapon

- Can use any armor


- Winded after Rage (suffers -2 penalty to hit and damage, and a +2 AC penalty)

- Cannot specialize in ranged weapons

- Cannot cast spells

Possible High-Level Abilities [ToB]

Critical Strike
Greater Deathblow
Greater Whirlwind Attack
Power Attack
Resist Magic
War Cry
Whirlwind Attack