Inquisitor (Paladin Kit)
The Inquisitor has dedicated his life to finding and eliminating practitioners of evil magic and defeating the forces of darkness and his god has provided him with special abilities towards that end.

Available Race(s): Human

Primary Attribute(s): Strength (12 Minimum), Constitution (9 Minimum), Wisdom (13 Minimum), Charisma (17 Minimum)

Stronghold: The Inquisitor can acquire a room in the Order of the Radiant Heart headquarters. See our Paladin Quests section for more information.


- Dispel Magic and True Sight once per day for every 4 levels (starts at level 1)

- Immune to Hold and Charm spells

- Weapon Specialization (++)

- Can use any weapon

- Can use any armor

- +2 bonus to all Saving Throws

- Protection From Evil and Detect Evil


- Cannot use Lay on Hands

- Cannot cast Priest spells

- Cannot Turn Undead

- Cannot Cure Disease

- Must maintain Good alignment

- If party reputation drops below 6, becomes a Fallen Paladin, loses all Paladin abilities, and is the equivelant of a Fighter (cannot regain Paladin status)

Possible High-Level Abilities [ToB]

Critical Strike
Greater Deathblow
Greater Whirlwind Attack
Power Attack
Resist Magic
Summon Deva
War Cry
Whirlwind Attack