Side Quest: Hard Luck Blues
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You'll receive this quest from Morgan Blake at the NCR Sharecropper Farms. You can also trigger it by reading the warning on the terminal in the East Pump Station, or by reading the SOS on the terminal in the machine room of Vault 34.


Blake will tell you that the local crops aren't doing very well, and that it might have something to do with the water. She'll then ask you to travel to the East Pump Station (located to the east) and "see if you find anything strange going on." Inside the station, you'll discover a terminal. If you read the warning on the terminal (this might require Science 50), then you'll learn that radiation from "external causes" has been detected, and you'll be asked to track it down.

You'll discover the radiation leak in Vault 34. When you travel to the Reactor level there, you'll find a terminal in the machine room. The terminal will allow you to enter the reactor room, where you'll find a second terminal. This second terminal will give you two ways to complete the quest:
  • You can "seal external ventilation," which will shut down the reactor and stop the radiation leak, but doom some trapped vault dwellers to die or become ghouls. For selecting this option you'll gain 100 xp and some NCR fame

  • You can "reroute control of the vault," which will help the trapped vault dwellers make their escape, but leave the reactor as is and doom the farmers. For selecting this option, you'll gain 150 xp, and you might eventually (after waiting for a couple of days) meet the vault dwellers in Suite 300 of the Aerotech Office Park. If that happens, and if you talk to Horowitz, then he might offer you a "vault trinket," but you won't actually receive anything.
Either way, if you return to Morgan Blake, she won't have anything to say to you.