Windspear Dungeon 3 (AR1203) [Legacy Page]

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1 - Lord Jierdan Firkraag

The final Windspear Hills encounter makes its home in this cavern. You may be surprised to learn that Lord Jierdan Firkraag is not a man, but a huge Red Dragon. He'll explain his interests in you and then give you the offer to leave without a fight. Unless you're still fairly low level, you won't want to heed his advice. Instead, it's time to remove Firkraag from the face of Faerūn. He is tough, to put it lightly, but these strategies can prove useful against him:

- Memorize as many Magic Missiles as you can with every mage in the party and blast him with these first. Buy some scrolls of Magic Missile if you have to and use those as well. He has a high magic resistance, but if you're firing 4-5 missiles, he usually gets hit by a couple and the damage really adds up.

- Memorize one Vampiric Touch. If it succeeds, the 20 or so damage really helps.

- Memorize plenty of monster summoning spells and cast them before the fight. You'll want to keep Firkraag busy so that you can get off all of those Magic Missiles.

- Leave your cleric out of the battle and out of range of his breath weapon. I was using mine to resurrect Korgan during battle if I needed to.

This battle is difficult, but beatable. You'll need to keep trying until you find what works best for your party. If you continue to have problems defeating Firkraag, refer to our Strategy Guides section for some in-depth advice. The spoils are definitely worth the effort, as you'll end up with Carsomyr +5, which is the highly sought after Holy Avenger sword for a Paladin, a Cloak of the Shield, and some red dragon scales used to forge the Red Dragon Scale armor at Cromwell's forge in the Docks District. You'll also earn a whopping 64,000 experience points!