Irenicus Prison 2 (AR0603)

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1 - Yoshimo

Just before entering this room, you'll meet Yoshimo, a bounty hunter interested in joining your party. Pick him up, then head inside the torture chamber to confront another small army of Mephits. Kill the Mephits that already inhabit the room, then destroy the portals along the lower wall to keep more from spawning. When finished, search the room to find aheira's husband, Khalid, dead. After listening to Jaheira sob for awhile, you ransack the room's containers to find a Wand of Cloudkill key, a Wand of Fire key, a Wand of Summoning key, three Bolts +1, a Potion of Insight, two Potions of Extra Healing, a Cursed Scroll of Weakness, and a handful of gold.

2 - Cloned Ellesime

Within this room, you'll encounter one of Irenicus' experiments. It is a cloned woman (for those of you who have experienced the end of the game, she is a clone of Ellesime) who goes a bit crazy and attacks your party. Once you've finished her off, you can grab another of the Wand keys off of her corpse.

3 - Throne Room

This room is mega-trapped. Tread carefully. You need to place each of the wands (Magic Missile, Frost, Fireball, Summoning, Lightning, and Cloudkill) in their appropriate pedestal in order to disable the traps. Each time you do this, your party will be awarded with a magical wand capable of casting each effect.

Once you've shut off all the traps, search the throne at the end of the room to find a Ring of Protection +1.

4 - Frennedan

Behind a glass wall, you'll meet up with a man named Frennedan who wants you to release him. He later shows his true form as a Doppleganger and attacks you. Within or around his cell, you can find a Potion of Firebreath, Arrows +1, Bolts +1, Bullets +1, and a handful of scrolls.

5 - Duergar Battle

You meet up with some Duergar in here. After defeating them, you can grab yourself a Girdle of Bluntness and some Bolts +1.

6 - Ulvaryl

You'll happen upon a couple of Assassins confronting a Vampire named Ulvaryl in this chamber. Ulvaryl will ultimately win, but if you intervene right away, you can strike a few lethal blows during the chaos. After damaging her to a certain extent, she turns into a bat and flies away. If you're real quick, however, you can slay her and receive 8000 experience points for doing so.

7 - Exit

This pathway leads out of Irenicus' prison and to the surface.