Circus Tent 2 (AR0604)

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1 - Aerie

Upon entering the room, you'll meet Aerie, an elven woman who has the illusion of an ogre placed on her. If you offer to help her escape her chains and break the illusion, she'll explain that you need a key from the monsters at area #2. Once you've obtained the illusionary sword from one of the monsters, bring it back to Aerie to open her chains and earn 18,500 experience points. Upon freeing her, she will offer to join your party.

2 - Aerie's Key

Two commoners stand here, but upon closer inspection they are monsters. Dispatch of them and take their sword, which is actually a key needed for Aerie at area #1.

3 - Hannah

Hannah, a woman with the illusion of a spider, tells you of her son and that she is afraid for his safety. After defeating Kalah in Circus Tent 4, you'll be able to return her to her son for some experience.