Broken World Quest Items: Pages 3-4
Quest Item 11: A Bound Fellspine Tail
Location: Dropped by the first bound fellspine that you kill while working on Naturalist Ithara's Research

Naturalist Ithara asked you to bring her samples from the bound creatures around the Outpost. This tail should do nicely.

While you're no expert in such things, it's obvious that there's nothing natural about this appendage. A number of eyeballs protrude from heavily armored plates, and their malevolent gaze seems to follow you.

Quest Item 12: A Bound Hak'u Foot
Location: Dropped by the first bound fellspine that you kill while working on Naturalist Ithara's Research

Naturalist Ithara asked you to bring her samples from the bound creatures around the Outpost. This foot should do nicely.

As you examine the foot, you can't seem to clear the memory of how you obtained it. When the Hak'u died, its body exploded into a shower of gore -- almost as if it had barely been held together in the first place.

The foot itself is sticky with blood and encased in a spine-covered metal plate from ankle to calf. Chillingly, the armor appears to be permanently welded to the skin.

Quest Item 13: Chunk of Rotting Meat
Location: Given to you by Watcher Jorena at the start of the secondary quest Greylok of the Kurgan

Watcher Jorena gave you this rancid meat to use as bait for catching Greylok of the Kurgan.

While the putrefying odor is enough to turn your stomach, you suspect that Greylok will find it very enticing.

Quest Item 14: Greylok's Skin
Location: Dropped by Greylok during the secondary quest Greylok of the Kurgan

When you killed Greylok of the Kurgan, you skinned his body for its hide.

The striped tan and red skin is stiff with blood and criss-crossed with old scars. You had hoped that Watcher Jorena would be able to fashion a leather tunic from it, but its condition may be too poor. Hopefully she'll be able to salvage some part of it for you.

Quest Item 15: Pack of Dryad Travel Provisions
Location: Acquired during the secondary quest Morden Redemption

Quartermaster Olara of the Dryad Outpost gave this pack of provisions at yuor request on behalf of the Morden refugees.

However, Olara is no friend of the Morden and would like nothing better than to see them exterminated once and for all. She warned you that the travel bread the Morden crave is laced with a deadly poison.

Quest Item 16: Vial of the Overmage's Blood
Location: Found in the Ravager Camp in the Kelvaran Waste (the Kelvaran Waste, #4)

This vial of blood was given to the Morden Ravagers by the Overmage. He told them it would postpone the effects of the wasting disease they've experienced since the second cataclysm.

However, Lorksul of the Morden Refugees intends to use the blood to compel the Overmage to talk to him in the hope of learning more about the disease and how to cure it.

Quest Item 17: Vial of Aman'lu's Blessed Water
Location: Given by Liranth in Aman'lu ( Aman'lu, #4)

Liranth gave you vial freshly filled from the Aman'lu River.

The river has dwindled to a muddy trickle, and Liranth is afraid that its former bounty will soon be forgotten.

A fine, glittering seiment has settled to the bottom of the vial, and the water tastes of ash and crushed leaves. While it may not be the cleanest, it should work for Mage Nari's purposes.

Quest Item 18: Mana Shrine Stone
Location: Found at the broken mana shrine in Arinth's Gorge (Arinth's Gorge, #2)

You notice this piece of loose stone sitting on a ruined mana shrine in Arinth's Gorge. While the shrine itself no longer functions, a faint aura of magic still permeates the area.

If this doesn't qualify as a mana-infused stone for Mage Nari's recipe, you don't know what does.

Quest Item 19: A Pixie Preserved in Amber
Location: Dropped by Triari the Bound Naldrun at the Calennor Wood (the Calennor Wood, #2)

You found this piece of amber on the body of a bound naldrun in the Calennor Wood. It's in surprisingly good condition after having been in the possession of an insane creature.

When you hold it up to the light, you can clearly see the tiny pixie perfectly preserved within it -- the epitome of a suspended soul. Hopefully Mage Nari will agree.

Quest Item 20: Elven Wind Chimes
Location: Found in the Western Vai'kesh Forest (the Western Vai'kesh Forest, #5) and the Calennor Wood (the Calennor Wood, #1)

You found these wind chimes at a corrupted shrine in the Vai'kesh Forest.

The tubes are delicately carved with an elven design of vines and trees. When you dangle them from your hand in the light breeze, their sound is haunting and sad; a voice in mourning.

As the eerie tones fade away, the forest is left still and silent. Were Mage Nari here, she would certainly agree that these chimes qualify as a lonely voice.