Dungeon Siege II Quest Items: Pages 17-18
Quest Item 81: Pack of Klask Rations
Location: Acquired during the secondary quest The Morden Riders

Nordax the Morden-Viir Rider requested that you find this pack of rations so that he, his partner Neilliok, and their pet Bruno, can leave the Plain of Tears to seek their fortunes elsewhere.

Obtained from a supply room in the Morden city of Darthrul, these Klask rations consist of a mixture of bright yellow yolks from Skeen eggs and ground Crawn flesh. The resulting mixture is formed into a rectangular mold and then baked until rock hard. This kills two birds with one stone -- nutrition and tooth sharpening.

Quest Item 82: Morden Wrench
Location: Found during the secondary quest Finala's Contempt

Finala discovered this large wrench while exploring a Durvla hatchery. With a heavy tool like this, Finala could repair some fairly heavy-duty machinery.

Quest Item 83: Morden Teleporter Activation Stone
Location: Given as a reward for completing the primary quest The Kalrathian Rebellion

This tablet resembles those which activate the town teleporters. You are not sure what teleporter this one is linked to, but since it belonged to a Morden soldier, it is likely to be in a location under Morden control.

Quest Item 84: Aegis of Sight
Location: Given as a reward for completing the primary quest The Kalrathian Rebellion

When Azunai's legendary Shield was struck by Zaramoth's Sword, it broke into four pieces. Each fragment was inscribed with one of the four Azunite symbols, having strangely broken along clean lines. These fragments were lost and eventually forgotten only to be found hundreds of years later by those who sensed their power.

The Aegis of Sight was found by the Humans of the Plain of Tears, and though they did not know what it was, they hid it from their Morden neighbors. They have since been forced to pay dearly for their prudence.

It is rumored that the Aegis of Sight grants visions of possible future outcomes to those who are able to open their minds to its power. While this can be extremely useful for weighing one's choices, it can also have a paralyzing effect since there is no way to determine which future is the right one. Weak-souled individuals have been known to go mad when faced with the power of this Aegis.

Lord Kalrathia gave you this Aegis as thanks for aiding his town in their rebellion against the occupying Morden.

Quest Item 85: Morden Battle Plans
Location: Found in the Hidden Morden Stronghold under the broken elevator in the Kithraya Caverns (Kithraya Caverns, #1)

Much of this manuscript is stained and illegible, but one passage is eerily familiar:

'All forces must be assembled and within their pods by the break of dawn. Delays will not be tolerated and should be dealt with swiftly.

'The Archmage will open the portal at the launching area and will hold it open for approximately four hours. Harpies are to go through first, followed by Dragons with their pods. Pod drop-off points will be secured by the Harpy vanguard forces. The trench system along the western beach will be constructed immediately by the initial wave....'

Quest Item 86: Silver Stanza of the Dwarven Song of Ore
Location: Found in an ancient dwarven chest in the Upper Mines of Kaderak (The Upper Mines of Kaderak, #6)

The Dwarves have long since disappeared; even before the great cataclysm referred to by the Elves as Turmanar, there were but rumors of Dwarven sightings in the far western regions of Aranna.

Some believe that after the cataclysm groups of Dwarves escaped to the west, to Lescanza or even as far west as the kingdom of Ehb.

But the chances of any cave-dwelling race surviving the earth-shattering tremors of the cataclysm are deemed slim by even the most hopeful of scholars.

Quest Item 87: Iron Stanza of the Dwarven Song of Ore
Location: Found in an ancient dwarven chest in the Upper Mines of Kaderak (The Upper Mines of Kaderak, #6)

Long ago, when the Empire of Stars was still intact and ruled by a Human emperor, two Imperial exmplorers passed through Aman'lu on their way to the western mountains. Their named were Fedwyrr and Klars, and the Aman'lu elders remember them well.

When you were much younger, your mother used to tell you stories of the travels of these explorers, how they discovered rich new lands to the west, full of fertile fields and rich veins or ore and jewels.

In these stories, whole tribes of Dwarves and Humans left the plains and traveled west to make their fortunes. You wonder if, somewhere, Dwarves are still singing this song.

Quest Item 88: Gold Stanza of the Dwarven Song of Ore
Location: Found in an ancient dwarven chest in the Upper Mines of Kaderak (The Upper Mines of Kaderak, #6)

Once, you have been told, every mountain in Aranna sang with the Dwarven tools against stone, and with the rumble of their voices.

Some believe that many of the caves that riddle the land are their work, monuments marking places where once ripe veins of ore threaded the mountains.

It is rumored that hidden deep underground are the ancient Dwarven cities, vast metropolises that once stored the riches of an entire race.

Some treasure hunters search their whole lives for entrances to these fabled cities, but none has yet been found.

Perhaps the Dwarves of old did not live underground at all, or, if they did, perhaps they sealed off the tunnels into their cities when the turmoil of the First Age began.

Quest Item 89: Mythril Stanza of the Dwarven Song of Ore
Location: Found in an ancient dwarven chest in the Lower Mines of Kaderak (The Lower Mines of Kaderak, #4)

There are very few pieces of Dwarven-made armor left in Aranna, and even fewer weapons. Those that are known to exist are carefully hoarded by collectors, and when a new piece is found, mind-staggering prices are demanded for it.

Equipment of Dwarven manufacture is so hardy and difficult to damage that it is a puzzle why so little of it remains.

One theory is that Zaramoth the Unmaker outfitted his armies with Dwarven-made armor and weapons, and that the priceless burdens of his soldiers were utterly destroyed in the cataclysm.

Some treasure hunters look for the exact spot where the Sword and Shield met, in the hope that a few Dwarven-made articles may have survived.

Quest Item 90: Sigil of the Kalrathian Nexus
Location: Acquired near the end of the secondary quest The Kalrathian Nexus

You acquired this sigil when you destroyed the Dark Wizards' seal covering the Kalrathian Nexus.

The sigil is inscribed with a symbol of a phoenix, representing the Node of the Phoenix, a symbol of a snowflake, representing the Node of Frost, and a symbol of earth, representing the Node of Earth.