Dungeon Siege II Quest Items: Pages 13-14
Quest Item 61: Champion's Death Mask
Location: Found in a Frozen Crypt in the Garden of the Ancients (The Garden of the Ancients, #1d)

Obtained on a sarcophagus in a frozen crypt, this mask is of sentimental value to the undead spirit of Champion Rahvan of the Northern Reaches who guards the entrance to the Azunite Burial Grounds.

He has agreed to allow you to enter the tombs if you bring him word of his three brothers.

Quest Item 62: Rahvan's Soulstone
Location: Dropped by Letiso during the secondary quest Rahvan's Curse

This unusual stone fell to the ground after you destroyed Letiso the Lich, the undead sorceror who possessed Champion Rahvan. It was extremely hot to the touch when you first set your hands upon it, but seemed to cool almost instantly.

Rahvan's very essence is contained within this stone; you can almost picture him as he was a thousand years ago: tall, powerful, and with a piercing gaze that struck fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Quest Item 63: Jeweled Shaft
Location: Found in an Ancient Elven Reliquary (Snowbrook Valley, #3)

You obtained this shaft in a chest near a spirit called Guardian of the Staff.

When Arinth the Mad was imprisoned by the ancient Elven sorcerer Isteru, he broke Arinth's staff of power into three pieces, which he then scattered and hid in secret locations. This Jeweled Shaft is one of those pieces.

Eolanda the Combat Mage in Aman'lu will be very pleased to see that you have found this artifact.

Quest Item 64: Display Case Key
Location: Found under the throne in the Snowbrook Haven Throne Room (The Snowbrook Haven Living Quarters, #7)

You received this key from the Snowbrook Haven throne room.

Snowbrook Haven is one of the most secure fortresses in the Northern Reaches, and thus its vaults hold many of the Humans' most precious objects.

With typical Human directness, the Humans did not bother with protective spells around the Aegis; they instead constructed a strong mythril cage with a sturdy lock. You know that the strongest metal ever forged could never stand up to Valdis' wizards, but it would definitely them longer to demolish a mythril cage than it would to dispell a protective spell.

Quest Item 65: Snowbrook Haven Reliquary Key
Location: Acquired during the primary quest The Siege of Snowbrook Haven, Part Two

This key was obtained from the Snowbrook Haven commander.

Snowbrook Haven is one of the most secure fortresses in the Northern Reaches, and thus its vaults hold many of the Humans' most precious objects.

Valdis has certainly chosen a rich trove to plunder, and you hope to open the most important vault therein before Valdis' armies breach Snowbrook's walls.

Princess Evangeline assured you that she has taken the necessary steps to protect the Aegis hidden in the Snowbrook Haven reliquary, but you are surprised that she is still so optimistic after encountering Valdis' wizards.

Quest Item 66: Aegis of Blindness
Location: Found in the Snowbrook Haven Reliquary (Snowbrook Haven, #8)

When Azunai's legendary Shield was struck by Zaramoth's Sword, it broke into four pieces. Each fragment was inscribed with one of the four Azunite symbols, having strangely broken along clean lines. These fragments were lost and eventually forgotten only to be found hundreds of years later by those who sensed their power.

When Princess Evangeline got wind that Valdis had stormed the Dryad shrine on Greilyn Isle and had taken the Aegis stored inside, she sensed great danger. Once she uncovered records telling of the Aegis in Aman'lu and Snowbrook Haven, she set out to make sure they didn't fall into the hands of Valdis. Now, with her help, you have recovered both of them.

Quest Item 67: Kalrathia Teleporter Activation Stone
Location: Given to you near the end of the primary quest The Siege of Snowbrook Haven, Part Two

This tablet was given to you by the Azunite Scholar.

You do not know how he managed to enter the Snowbrook Haven reliquary, but you were relieved to learn that he did not take the Aegis. The scholar seems to be the only person you have encountered in your travels who doesn't seem to covet the Shield's power for himself.

Quest Item 68: Golden Mirror
Location: Given to you at the start of the secondary quest The Mage's Apprentice

This is the mirror that Mage Bolen of Kalrathia gave you, saying that it was a tool his missing apprentice used. It must have some significance that escapes you at the moment.

Quest Item 69: Stone Key
Location: Given to you during the secondary quest The Legendary Mace of Agarrus

Explorer Tai'esse in the Aman'lu tavern gave you this key when you agreed to assist her in tracking down a stone tablet fragment need to rediscover the legendary Mace of Agarrus.

Within the tomb that is unlocked by this key, Tai'esse warned, are a large number of undead creatures, who seem bent on guarding the fragment.

It is up to you to use this key to unlock the tomb door and see exactly what awaits you inside.

Quest Item 70: Stone Tablet Fragment
Location: Found during the secondary quest The Legendary Mace of Agarrus

Acquired from the Snowbrook Grotto, this is the last fragment to the stone tablet that Explorer Tai'esse in Aman'lu is reconstructing.

With it, she should be able to decipher the final resting place of the fabled Mace of Agarrus.