Dungeon Siege II Quest Items: Pages 5-6
Quest Item 21: Silver Mirror
Location: Found at the end of the primary quest Secret of the Azunite Desert

This is a mirror you found within the Azunite shrine after you placed the four Stelae.

Perhaps it can help you gain access to the lost Azunite vault.

Quest Item 22: Azunite Artifact
Location: Found at the end of the primary quest The Lost Azunite Artifact

You obtained this artifact in the lost Azunite vault.

The desert dwellers who followed Azunai were keepers of powerful magical knowledge, much of which has been lost. This artifact is supposedly one of the most powerful weapons constructed by the Azunites.

At a glance, the bowl does not look particularly special, though a strange sensation floods through you when you touch it.

Moreover, you know that the Skath have spent a thousand years guarding this artifact, and that it must contain some sort of power.

You have been told to take this artifact to the Temple of Xeria within Windstone Fortress to aid the soldiers' defensive efforts there.

Quest Item 23: Focusing Stone
Location: Found in an Ancient Elven Reliquary (The Cliffs of Azunai, #1)

You obtained this stone in a chest near a spirit called Guardian of the Staff.

When Arinth the Mad was imprisoned by the ancient Elven sorcerer Isteru, he broke Arinth's staff of power into three pieces, which he then scattered and hid in secret locations. This Focusing Stone is one of those pieces.

Eolanda the Combat Mage in Aman'lu will be very pleased to see that you have found this artifact.

Quest Item 24: Windstone Fortress Outer Vault Key
Location: Given to you by Captain Dathry at Windstone Fortress (Windstone Fortress, #11)

Given to you by Captain Dathry at Windstone Fortress, this is an iron key of Human make with a blue symbol. It is crude, but effective, just like every other Human construction.

Though Windstone Fortress retains only a shadow of its former majesty, the Humans who remain within it continue to impress you. Raised among elves as you were, you had not realized how courageous and honorable Humans can be.

Captain Dathry, the man who gave you this key, reminds you of your Human comrades in the Morden army. They were good men -- you wonder how many of them are still alive.

Quest Item 25: Windstone Fortress Inner Vault Key
Location: Dropped by Lieutenant Namyek in the Windstone Fortress Vault (The Windstone Fortress Vault, #4)

Obtained from the corpse of Captain Dathry's plagued lieutenant, this is a small key of Human make with a red symbol. It smells of sulphur.

The Humans are not skilled with magic as the Elves are, but they have found ways to compensate for it. One such way is the manufacture of explosives.

It is rumored that at one time the Humans had commerce with the Goblins of Gonsiir and learned from them the art of chemistry. Others say that the Humans simply experimented with various compounds until something interesting happened.

Quest Item 26: Dusty Key
Location: Given to you at the end of the secondary quest The Missing Squadron

Squad Leader Taarth gave you this key after you located his missing soldiers, claiming he had found it on a forgotten shelf.

This small key appears to be of Human make, with a white symbol beneath its coating of dust. It certainly does not look like it has been used recently.

Quest Item 27: Activated Azunite Artifact
Location: Acquired during the Windstone Fortress primary quest

Rumor has it that this artifact (now activated) is powerful enough to reduce all of Windstone Fortress to gravel.

It occurs to you that the Humans' art of explosives and the ancient magic of the Azunites are, in fact, quite similar. Practitioners of both must treat their materials with respect, and the penalty of a mistake is high in either case.

Even if this artifact has the power to turn the tide of battle for Windstone, you know enough about the Humans' explosives that comparing the two makes you a bit nervous.

This artifact must be taken into the Temple of Xeria to be used.

Quest Item 28: Aman'lu Teleporter Activation Stone
Location: Given by Celeb'hel the Elder in the Aman'lu Town Hall (Aman'lu, #8)

This tablet was given to you by Celeb'hel the Elder.

You grew up thinking the teleporter in Aman'lu was merely decorative as you had never actually seen anyone use it before. As it turns out, it is still quite functional and this tablet will allow you to reach Aman'lu from any teleporter in Aranna.

Quest Item 29: Liantir Stone
Location: Found in Merchant Kendril's house in Aman'lu (Aman'lu, #13)

You obtained this stone from a merchant's house in Amana'lu, and it is very strange. It does not look particularly valuable or useful, but you could not resist touching it.

It is so entrancing that you were a little suspicious when you first saw it, and almost decided to leave it where it lay, but you have not come this far by stifling your curiousity.

The stone seems to be lit from within. Holding it gives you an incredible sense of well-being and you wonder if perhaps this stone is the result of some benevolent mage's experiment.

Quest Item 30: Black Key of the First
Location: Awarded during the secondary quest The Aman'lu Arena

This key was your reward for winning the first round in the Aman'lu Arena.