Dungeon Siege II Quest Items: Pages 19-20
Quest Item 91: Dwarven Mythril Ring
Location: Found in a secret room in the Upper Mines of Kaderak (The Upper Mines of Kaderak, #3)

You discovered this ring in a chest deep within the Mines of Kaderak.

While the origin of the mines are unknown, the discovery of this ring confirms Enchantress Valeria's assertion that Dwarves inhabited the area at some point.

Regardless of its history, this ring fits the description she gave perfectly. It is surprisingly light and warm to the touch, and in exceptionally good condition for having been left in the damp for an Age.

You hope that Enchantress Valeria's accuracy continues, and that she is indeed able to imbue the ring with an enchantment that she claims will allow you to see assassins before they strike.

Quest Item 92: Aegis of Life
Location: Acquired at the end of the primary quest The Mines of Kaderak, Part Two

When Azunai's legendary Shield was struck by Zaramoth's Sword, it broke into four pieces. Each fragment was inscribed with one of the four Azunite symbols, having strangely broken along clean lines. These fragments were lost and eventually forgotten only to be found hundreds of years later by those who sensed their power.

The Aegis of Life was found by the Elves of Greilyn and placed in the Temple of the Coast, where it was watched over first by the Elves, then by the Dryads who came to live on the island after them. The Dryads performed their duty well until Valdis and his armies stormed Greilyn and stole the Aegis.

It is rumored that the Aegis of Life grants he who controls it the power of life over all things. The Elves once used it to augment their lifespans and heal those who were thought beyond all hope. The Dryads harnessed its power to grow the trees of their village into gigantic proportions and to turn their isle into the lush paradise it is today. Conversely, Valdis and his Dark Wizards had an entirely different use for this Aegis -- to animate the dead.

Quest Item 93: Kalrathian Crystal
Location: Dropped by Advisor Kynos during the primary quest The Agallan Trial

Before he died, Lord Kalrathia told you that this crystal was the key to unlocking the Agallan Trial. If you have any hope of reaching the Agallan Giants and reforging the Shield of Azunai, you must set this crystal in its place at the Kalrathia town fountain.

Quest Item 94: Kalrathian House Key
Location: Dropped by Advisor Kynos during the primary quest The Agallan Trial

You feel no remorse after killing Advisor Kynos. Not only were you forced to do so out of self-defense, but his poor counsel was poisoning Kalrathia from within.

Perhaps the house this key opens can be found somewhere in Kalrathia.

Quest Item 95: The Shield of Azunai
Location: Given by the Agallan Giants during the primary quest The Agallan Giants

When the Shield of Azunai was stuck by the Zaramoth's Sword a thousand years ago, it broke into four pieces. These pieces were lost for hundreds of years. One by one, they were found by those who sensed their power.

You have gathered all four fragments and taken them to the Agallan Giants, along with the medallion Drevin gave you before his untimely death. After much discussion, the Agallans agreed to use their knowledge of magic to reforge the Shield.

Legend says that it will protect you against any onslaught, but you are still cautious -- Zaramoth's Sword was able to break the Shield once. Neither Valdis nor the Sword of Zaramoth is a force to be underestimated.

Quest Item 96: Mysterious Stone
Location: Dropped by the creature named "???" (which has a small chance of appearing any item an enemy drops a rare or better item)

A strange creature dropped this mysterious stone as he escaped. An inscription that reads 'surotces suiranmuloc' appears to be etched in its surface.