Dungeon Siege II Quest Items: Pages 1-2
Quest Item 1: Drevin's Medallion
Location: Given to you during the primary quest The Siege of Greilyn Beach

Your best friend Drevin gave you this medallion during the Siege of Greilyn Beach.

You felt a pang of dread at the time; he was unusually insistent that you take it -- what could he foresee that you could not? He seems to value this object more than anything else, and is very concerned for its safety.

Putting your objections aside, you promised him that you would keep it safe. If this ancient object is as powerful as Drevin seems to believe, you will probably need it.

Quest Item 2: Basket of Sharpening Stones
Location: Given to you during the primary quest Prisoner of War

This basket and its contents belong to Warden Celia.

Celia asked you to retrieve this heavy basket that appears to be full of stones commonly used to sharpen swords, knives, and other metal blades.

Quest Item 3: Morden Gate Key
Location: Acquired from the invading Morden during the primary quest Prisoner of War

You found this key on the corpse of one of the Morden and it fits a Morden stockade gate.

The Morden are known far and wide for cruel treatment of their prisoners. They generally build a makeshift stockade for prisoners captured in battle -- usually building it in the hottest, dustiest spot they can find nearby.

The prisoners are then "left out to dry," as one of your mercenary comrades once gleefully put it.

Quest Item 4: Eirulan Teleporter Activation Stone
Location: Given to you after the primary quest Prisoner of War

This tablet was given to you by Warden Celia.

Since she is sending you to do work far from town, it was probably in her best interest to make your return trip as easy and painless as possible.

Quest Item 5: Dryad Outpost Gate Key
Location: Given to you after the primary quest Prisoner of War

Given to you by the Dryad Kirani when you rescued her from a Morden-built cage, this key fits the northern Dryad Outpost gate.

Dryads have constructed many sturdy gates in the areas surrounding Eirulan. The Dryad gates are usually guarded and locked, and only high-ranking Dryads hold keys to them.

Quest Item 6: Morden Elevator Gear
Location: Acquired during the secondary quest Finala's Contempt

Finala discovered this metal gear while exploring a hidden Morden tower. She thinks it is part of an elevator mechanism. Perhaps it will come in handy next time Finala finds a broken elevator.

Quest Item 7: Empty Vial
Location: Given to you at the start of the primary quest The Plague

An empty glass vial, given to you by the Dryad Taar.

Taar has asked you to fill this vial with water from the fabled Elven Fountain, hoping that this magical liquid will cure you as well as those Dryads also suffering from the mysterious plague.

Quest Item 8: Lost Sapphire of the Elves
Location: Found at the end of the secondary quest Secrets of the Elven Shrine

The Dryad Laenne hired you to find this ancient sapphire. It must be worth something if the Elves went to so much trouble to hide it.

The Elven tribe who once lived on Greilyn were clever builders; much that they built has survived, and many of their ancient security mechanisms still function.

You were taught that this tribe of Elves specialized in mechanical skills, and that they had once grown very wealthy through trade with the mainland races.

Quest Item 9: Filled Vial
Location: Acquired by clicking on the fountain in the Elven Shrine (An Elven Shrine, #7)

A glass vial, originally given to you by the Dryad Taar, that you have filled with water from the Elven Shrine.

Drinking the water didn't make you feel any different -- but perhaps this will help those Dryads suffering from the plague, as Taar believes.

Quest Item 10: Garganturax Head
Location: Acquired from the Garganturax during the quest Taar's Investigation

This head came from the beast that has so terrified Arianne. From her description, you expected it to be a bit more formidable, and certainly not so small.