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Wizards & Warriors - Zenmaster Role Statistics
Hit Points: Superior Hit: Superior (+)
Parry: Superior (+) Speed: Superior (+)
Minimum Attributes: By special invitation only (see below)

Description: The Zenmaster is the highest role attainable in Wizards & Warriors - they are devout monks, masters of mind, spirit, and body, able to acquire almost all skills, and able to learn all Books of Magic. Zenmasters also acquire special abilities, including increased resistance to magical spells and effects, and perform all actions requiring any skill at increased level. With their complete knowledge of magic, and with the transcendent fighting abilities beyond even those of the Monk and Ninja, the Zenmaster is the most formidable character in all of Wizards & Warriors. A character may only become a Zenmaster by accomplishing a special quest. Upon becoming a Zenmaster, the Invincible Wil Trait is acquired.

Role Ascension: To become a Zenmaster, a character must acquire all four Sacred Tomes spread across the Gael Serran. These Tomes represent each of the four elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind) and describe the creation of the universe. Their locations are as follows:
  • Tome of Fire - Found in a room with a locked gate just west of Xydussa's chamber in the Temple of the Serpent Cult. To unlock the gate, you'll need the Serpent Master's Skull Key.

  • Tome of Wind - Found inside a chest within the Boogre Witch's bedroom in the Boogre Prison.

  • Tome of Water - Found inside a chest within the library passage in the Sunken City of Collasium. You'll need to ask the mermaid about the Oracle before you can reach the passage.

  • Tome of Earth - Found inside a chest within a hidden room in the Pyramid of Cet. To reveal the room, you must flip the switch at the end of the "blood-stained hallway."
Once all four Tomes are obtained, the character must bring them to the Bushi Dojo in Brimloch Roon, where the guildmaster will present the opportunity to ascend into the Zenmaster role. Keep in mind that only the character carrying all four Tomes in their possession will be offered the role.