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Wizards & Warriors - Warlock Role Statistics
Hit Points: Minimal Hit: Minimal
Parry: Minimal Speed: Minimal
Minimum Attributes: Int 10, Spi 10, For 8, Wil 10, Pre 10

Description: Warlocks are the great sorcerers in the world of Wizards & Warriors - they acquire the power of the dark, which includes Teleportation magic, and Conjuring which summons monsters to fight for the party as reinforcements. Warlocks also gain the ability to identify items and artifacts. Warlocks learn Moon and Fiend magic, which include spells such as Lifesteal, healing the character from the damage he or she deals to an opponent, and Twisted Master, which takes possession of a monster and makes it fight against other creatures. Like the Wizard, the Warlock is limited to using staves and daggers, and may not wear armour. Upon becoming a Warlock, the Ancient Lore Trait is acquired.

Role Ascension: To become a Warlock, your guildmaster will ask you to find a Spider Egg and a Skull for a concoction they are working on. To obtain a Skull, simply pay a visit to the Cemetary Ruins of Bersault and kill the skeletons that emerge from the graves until one of them relinquishes its head. To obtain a Spider Egg, you'll just have to travel through the wilderness and kill any spiders that you find. If you're having problems finding one, climb down into the basement of the Old Millhouse for a guaranteed encounter. You may even want to try pickpocketing each spider for an even greater chance of obtaining an egg. With both the Spider Egg and Skull in hand, return to your guild to ascend to the Warlock role.