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Strength determines how heavy a weapon the character may use effectively. Using a weapon with a higher Strength Rating than the character's actual Strength attribute results in the loss of the weapon's special ability. Characters with Strength greater than 15 may deal extra bonus damage when using certain weapons. Strength also determines how much weight the character can carry without taking an encumbrance penalty, which affects combat performance. Strength is also used when evaluating a character's chance of forcing open a treasure chest.

Intellect determines a character's ability to learn, most specifically regarding character skills. The higher the Intellect, the more skill points a character usually acquires during experience level gains for increasing the various character skills. Intellect also influences magic ability for casting Sun and Stone spells, and it is used for evaluating certain interactions with opponents, such as stealing.

Spirituality determines how much Mana a character acquires, and how quickly Mana is recouped after casting magic spells. Spirituality also influences magic ability for casting Spirit and Vine spells.

Dexterity determines how effective a character is at striking an opponent during combat. It is also used for special tactile skills such as disarming traps, as well as the ability to steal.

Agility determines how effective a character is at avoiding strikes from opponents during combat. Agility also determines how quickly a character may perform actions. Characters with higher Agility will get to attack more often than characters of the same role with lower Agility. Note that a character's Role greatly influences the speed at which a character can perform actions.

Fortitude determines a character's Hit Points and chance of being resurrected in case of death. Characters with higher Fortitude will tend to gain more Hit Points each time they go up an experience level. It should be noted that the Role of a character also greatly influences how many Hit Points a character will gain. Characters with high Fortitude are almost always resurrected successfully, while those with lower Fortitudes will have a greater tendency of disintegrating into bones or ash.

Will determines a character's ability to overcome and resist an opponent, most importantly related to magic spells and magical effects. Characters with a higher Will attribute will tend to resist or reduce the effect of an opponent's magic spells, while the opponent will more likely be affected by the character's magic spells. Will also increases the overall power of the character's magic spells, and it may be used for other character interactions, such as bargaining prices.

Presence determines how much attention the character is likely to attract from others, whether friend or foe. During friendly encounters, Presence can be likened to a character's personal appeal. During combat, however, Presence directly affects how likely opponents are to target the character. Characters with a higher Presence can be thought of as having a kind of overpowering personality, and will tend to get attacked more often than characters with lower Presence. The exception to this is with certain Roles such as the Monk and Ninja, and for these Roles, Presence indicates the character's ability to control their overall appearance - the higher the Presence, the less likely they are to be noticed and targeted.