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Wizards & Warriors

Welcome to our Wizards & Warriors subsite! Due to the age of this game, we will not be providing any daily news. However, we still have plenty in store for you, all of which can be found on the navigation bar to the left. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

Wizards & Warriors Walkthrough

Regardless of where your travels take you in the Gael Serran, we have you covered in our extensive Wizards & Warriors walkthrough.


Hundreds of cursed, mundane, and magical items that we have personally confirmed exist in the game.


The Gael Serran is populated by many different clans, each with their own specific attribute bonuses and traits.


Learn the secrets to ascending into all of the different roles in Wizards & Warriors, including the game's three most powerful - Assassin, Valkyrie, and Zenmaster.


Your character's attributes determine many other statistics, so you'll want to look them over closely before choosing which to focus in.


Descriptions of all the skills available to your party of heroes.


Every single character trait in the game and exactly how to obtain each.


Wizards & Warriors features six different schools of magic and over 100 different spells.


Grab Heuristic Park's "unofficial" patch and more from our downloads section.


If you're just beginning your travels in the Gael Serran, you'll probably want to start here to get an idea of what to expect.

Artwork & Wallpaper

A dozen in-game pieces of artwork and two official desktops for Wizards & Warriors can be found in their respective sections.

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