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Wizards & Warriors - Ninja Role Statistics
Hit Points: Good Hit: Superior
Parry: Superior Speed: Superior
Minimum Attributes: Str 8, Int 8, Spi 8, Dex 10, Agi 10, For 8, Wil 10, Pre 8

Description: Ninjas are the masters of the night, the shadow warriors of Wizards & Warriors - they train to become lethal fighting machines, using their hands and feet to inflict critical strikes, killing their opponents instantly. As masters of Stealth, the Ninja acquires the ability to Hide in the Shadows, and thus hidden not only avoids being attacked, but may surprise opponents with their own attack, increasing the chances for a successful strike and inflicting extra damage. As masters of the night, the Ninja may learn Moon magic spells, and can acquire the Locks & Traps skill to disarm treasure chests. Upon becoming a Ninja the Cloak of Night Trait is acquired.

Role Ascension: To become a Ninja, your guildmaster will ask you to lower the drawbridge at Shurugeon Castle without "waking the dead." To get inside the castle, navigate through the outer moat until you find the opening leading down into the lower water-filled tunnel. The tunnel will eventually bring you back to the surface, where you'll find a decayed portion of the castle's wall. Hop across the debris and then head to the north side of the courtyard until you're standing behind the raised drawbridge (avoiding all the ghastly undead along the way). Climb the stairs just to the east of the drawbridge and flip the lever at the top of the tower. This will lower the drawbridge, after which you can return to the Bushi Dojo in Ishad N'ha to ascend into the Ninja role.