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Wizards & Warriors - Ranger Role Statistics
Hit Points: Good Hit: Good
Parry: Excellent Speed: Good
Minimum Attributes: Str 8, Spi 8, Dex 9, Agi 9, For 8

Description: Rangers are the protectors of the forests in Wizards & Warriors - they are generally very good fights and excel with ranged weapons of all kinds. Rangers may also learn Vine magic spells, and can acquire the Scout skill, which allows them to detect nearby creatures. Although Rangers are excellent fights in all respects, their forest habitat prohibits them from wearing heavy Plate Mail armour. Upon becoming a Ranger, the Hawk's Brow Trait is acquired.

Role Ascension: To become a Ranger, your guildmaster will ask you to obtain a Raptor Egg. The Raptor can be found in a small clearing east of the Gypsy's Lake House, but it will only appear after you've obtained this quest. Kill the Raptor, grab its egg, and return to your guild to ascend into the Ranger role.