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Wizards & Warriors - Rogue Role Statistics
Hit Points: Fair Hit: Good
Parry: Excellent Speed: Good
Minimum Attributes: Dex 9, Agi 8

Description: Rogues are the ne'er-do-wells, knaves, and outcasts of Wizards & Warriors - they are the masters of thievery, acquiring such useful skills as Locks & Traps for disarming traps, and Pickpocket to steal from opponents. Rogues are also very nimble fighters, able to use most light weapons including bows and hurled weapons of all types, and wear leather armour. Rogues who can overcome their natural tendency to do as little as possible often move on to a distinguished career in such renowned professions as the Ninja, Assassin, and Bard.

Role Ascension: No ascension is necessary to become a Rogue.