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Wizards & Warriors - Valkyrie Role Statistics
Hit Points: Superior Hit: Excellent
Parry: Good Speed: Excellent
Minimum Attributes: By special invitation only (see below)

Description: The Valkyrie is a legendary female heroine of the dead in Wizards & Warriors - these strong and fearsome warriors are responsible for escorting departed souls into the afterlife. Only a female character may become a Valkyrie, which can only be achieved after fulfilling a special quest. The Valkyrie may also acquire special combat abilities, use almost any weapon and armour, and may learn both Spirit and Stone magic, giving them both the power to heal and to destroy. Because of the special nature of the Valkyrie, undead creatures both fear and revere her. Upon becoming a Valkyrie, the Gravebind Trait is acquired.

Role Ascension: To become a Valkyrie, you must relieve the lich G'Ezerred Ra of his torment by tossing his heart into the Black Fire within the Pyramid of Cet. Doing so will end his suffering and grant the character (who must be female!) the ability to ascend into the Valkyrie role when she returns to the temple in Brimloch Roon to report her noble deed. Keep in mind that only the character that threw the heart into the flames can become a Valkyrie.