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Wizards & Warriors - Barbarian Role Statistics
Hit Points: Superior (+) Hit: Good
Parry: Average Speed: Average
Minimum Attributes: Str 12, Dex 8, Agi 8, For 12, Pre 8

Description: Barbarians are the toughest and hardiest of fighters in Wizards & Warriors - they are muscle and brawn, big mean fighting machines. Barbarians can acquire enhanced combat abilities such as Stunning Blow, which can momentarily disable an opponent, and Fury, which inflicts extra damage. They are also able to learn thieving skills, Locks & Traps to disarm treasure chests, and Pickpocket to steal from opponents. Barbarians make excellent thieves, in part because their hardy physique allows them to more easily withstand errant mishaps whe nattempting to disarm treasure chests, which they can do using either skill and/or brute force. Although Barbarians do not learn any magic spells, their brawn and formidable combat abilities are generally sufficient to crush most opponents. Upon becoming a Barbarian, the Fury Trait is acquired.

Role Ascension: To become a Barbarian, your guildmaster will ask you to single-handedly slay twenty creatures, meaning you must strike the final blow that kills the enemy. If you're having trouble making this happen, try leaving the other five characters in the party at the Inn and taking your Barbarian-to-be out for some action on his own. Upon defeating all twenty creatures, return to your guild to ascend into your new role.