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Wizards & Warriors - Paladin Role Statistics
Hit Points: Superior Hit: Excellent
Parry: Good Speed: Average
Minimum Attributes: Str 8, Spi 10, Dex 8, Agi 8, For 8, Pre 10

Description: Paladins are the noble knights of Wizards & Warriors - they are brave and holy crusaders that fight for truth and justice. Paladins are strong and able warriors, and may use almost all weapons and armours. The Paladin also trains as a Cleric, a Warrior of Faith, and may learn Spirit magic spells, which gives them the beneficial power of healing. Upon becoming a Paladin, the Noble Cause trait is acquired.

Role Ascension: To become a Paladin, your guildmaster will ask you to find the Altar of Gael Serran, which is tucked away in a small clearing not far to the west of Valeia. Recite the words "Sanctus Holy" to the angelic statue and it will begin to explain the meaning behind the role of a Paladin. Return to the guild and your character will be granted entrance into the Paladin role.