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Wizards & Warriors - Priest Role Statistics
Hit Points: Average Hit: Fair
Parry: Fair Speed: Fair
Minimum Attributes: Spi 9, Pre 8

Description: Priests are the benevolent magic users in Wizards & Warriors - they protect and serve those around them with both magic spells and limited fighting capability. Priests learn Spirit and Vine magic, which are primarily defensive magic spells such as Heal and Binding Force, but do have some offensive capability with spells such as Force of Mind and the devastating Whirling Dervish. As a discipline of their faith, the priest of Wizards & Warriors is able to acquire some reasonable fighting skill with maces and similar weapons that do not have a blade or point, may wear leather and chain mail armour, and may use small shields.

Role Ascension: No ascension is necessary to become a Priest.