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Wizards & Warriors - Assassin Role Statistics
Hit Points: Excellent Hit: Superior
Parry: Superior Speed: Superior (+)
Minimum Attributes: By special invitation only (see below)

Description: The Assassin is the most deadly fighter in Wizards & Warriors - they acquire all the stealth, skills, and powers of the Ninja, including fighting with the hands and feet, the ability to make critical strikes, and Hide in the Shadows. Additionally, the Assassin acquires the ability to Backstab when hidden, which can inflict as much as three times normal damage on an opponent. To further compliment the lethal prowess of the Assassin, they may learn Moon and Fiend magic, acquiring all the spells of the dark, including Teleportation, Death, and Monster Summoning. A character may only become an Assassin by accomplishment of a special quest. Upon becoming an Assassin, the Backstab Trait is acquired.

Role Ascension: To become an Assassin, you must seek out the Black Hand leader Scanthril, who will ask you to kill a rogue Stout named Raskallion in the Stout Mines. Once you've carried out the assassination, return to Scanthril to receive the Assassin's Dagger as your reward. Bring the Assassin's Dagger to the Thieves' Guild in Ishad N'ha or Brimloch Roon and the guildmaster will present you with the opportunity to become an Assassin in exchange for the blade. Keep in mind that only the character carrying the blade will be offered entrance into the role.