The Witcher Bestiary - Vodyanoi Priest
Vodyanoi Priest Occurrence: They rarely come ashore, unless leading a division of warriors or pursuing a religious aim.

Immunity: Resistant to incineration and hex attempts.

Susceptibility: Once set alight, they prove sensitive to fire; susceptible to blinding.

Tactics: Priests support their warriors with magic they are able to heal allies and blind opponents.

Alchemy: Vodyanoi bladders and scales, Stones of Ys.

The vodyanoi are an ancient, sentient race. They worship their own gods, and their priests deal with divine matters. Land dwellers know little of these underwater creatures and the cults which flourish among them, and what is known inspires fear. Deities of the deep lend their powers to vodyanoi priests, enabling them to cast curses and spells.