The Witcher Bestiary - Kikimore Warrior
Kikimore Warrior Occurrence: Kikimore warriors protect their queen and kikimore workers as they dig tunnels or look for food.

Immunity: Immune to most effects, including blinding; resistant to knockdown; they use scent to communicate with other kikimores.

Susceptibility: Sensitive to silver and Insectoid Oil.

Tactics: During combat warriors spit acid, blinding their opponents and causing crippling pain.

Alchemy: Tracheae, venom glands, and toxin.

A more abominable beast is indeed hard to find. Not quite a cockroach nor a spider, it makes ladies faint and gentlemen feel disgusted. The kikimore warrior reeks of the swamp. For this reason, I insist that exhibit no. 88 be removed from the university assembly hall. And, anticipating the question "what should be done with it then?", I answer: throw it to the compost heap. From a request submitted to the president of Oxenfurt University