The Witcher Bestiary - Giant Centipede
Giant Centipede Occurrence: Giant centipedes are encountered in forests or on meadows, in regions where they find many places to hide; due to their simple nervous system, they see almost everything as a source of food.

Immunity: Immune to blinding, bleeding and knockdown attempts; resistant to stun attempts.

Susceptibility: Sensitive to silver and Insectoid Oil.

Tactics: They are blind, but they sense tremors; in combat they try to knock opponents down and poison them; their acid venom causes pain.

Alchemy: Tracheae, venom glands, and toxin.

Giant centipedes are said to have been raised in Brokilon and released into the world by vengeful dryads. The creatures are believed to be invincible, as they simply divide into two separate living beasts when cut in half. All this nonsense about giant centipedes only shows how intensely common people fear these venomous beasts, as they fear all things that are not human.