The Witcher Bestiary - Greater Brother
Greater Brother Occurrence: Mutants created through experiments with witchers' potions and formulae; they are super humans and perfect warriors who serve the Order of the Flaming Rose unquestionably in assault divisions.

Immunity: They feel neither fear nor pain; they are resistant to enchantment, including the Axii Sign; they cannot be disarmed and are immune to knockdown and stun attempts.

Susceptibility: They can be injured with a steel weapon.

Tactics: They are slow but well armed and strong; they use weapons skillfully; their blow can stun.

Alchemy: Mutagen and pituitary glands.

With great pride and full responsibility I must state that the experiment was successful. The race of super humans we bred more than meets our expectations and will satisfy Jacques de Aldersberg. Their combination of intelligence, endurance and brutal force tamed only by loyalty to the Flaming Rose is the future of the world.