The Witcher Bestiary - Vetala
Vetala Occurrence: According to legend, Vetala lives in the city cemetery in Vizima; he is a highly intelligent creature whom other necrophages respect.

Immunity: Immune to common poisons and resistant to knockdown attempts; tough skin and thick muscles protect him from blows.

Susceptibility: Sensitive to silver and Necrophage Oil.

Tactics: Tries to knock down victims and eat them alive.

Alchemy: Graveir bone, white vinegar and cadaverine.

Vetala is a mythical beast, invented by the common people. Tales about him are typical examples of urban legend, spread by word of mouth, which grow increasingly fantastic with each retelling. Vetala is believed to be an intelligent ghoul or graveir who lives in the city cemetery as the absolute ruler among scavengers. Not only does Vetala speak the human language, he is also known for his sophisticated manners. Vetala is said to prefer corpses over living flesh. He rarely attacks humans and demonstrates unusual courtesy on the rare occasions when he does.