The Witcher Bestiary - Hellhound
Hellhound Occurrence: Might appear wherever dishonorable people live.

Immunity: Immune to most effects; it is a corporal creature, so knockdown or stun attempts are possible, yet rarely successful.

Susceptibility: Sensitive to steel; the Fast Style is most effective against hellhounds.

Tactics: Able to summon barghests; a hellhound traps its victims in a circle of fire and proceeds to tear them to pieces.

Alchemy: Iridescent mark.

The hellhound, referred to also as the Beast, is a creature of the underworld, a specter that assumes the form of a terrifying hound and tirelessly stalks its victims once it finds their trail. Peasants believe that the hellhound embodies the vengeance of the gods, who send the Beast to punish humans for their wickedness.