The Witcher Bestiary - Kikimore Worker
Kikimore Worker Occurrence: Kikimore workers rarely appear far from their colonies, unless in search of food.

Immunity: Immune to blinding and bleeding attempts.

Susceptibility: Sensitive to silver and Insectoid Oil; susceptible to knockdown attempts.

Tactics: Though blind, they detect vibrations and have a keen sense of smell; they spit acid; they use scent to communicate with other kikimores.

Alchemy: Tracheae and toxin.

'Kikimores are an insult to the gods, the filthiest creatures on Earth. They are repulsive in their resemblance to spiders, and even the smallest of them, the workers, are dangerous.' So say the uneducated, superstitious and stupid. The truth is far different! Kikimore workers rarely appear near human settlements, and even then they only attack when threatened. Is there anything more beautiful than a kikimore - a symbol of hard work, resourcefulness and caution? Master Dorregaray, The Wonderful World of Insectoids