The Witcher Bestiary - Graveir
Graveir Occurrence: Graveirs appear wherever they can find food, preferably human corpses but any carcass will do.

Immunity: Immune to common poisons and resistant to knockdown attempts; tough skin and thick muscles protect them from blows.

Susceptibility: Sensitive to silver and Necrophage Oil; the Strong Style is most effective against graveirs.

Tactics: Graveirs try to knock their victims down and eat them alive.

Alchemy: Cadaverine, white vinegar and graveir bone.

After the war with Nilfgaard, graveirs became a real plague. Until then the monsters were familiar only to specialists and professional beast killers, thus everyone mistook them for ghouls. Today, any child could give an accurate description of a graveir, and people who have passed near battlefields or necropolises offer first-hand accounts of the horrible murders committed by these ruthless necrophages.