The Witcher Bestiary - Kikimore Queen
Kikimore Queen Occurrence: A kikimore queen chooses quiet, damp and dark places, where she can lay eggs in peace; she surrounds herself with her offspring, creating a colony not unlike an anthill.

Immunity: Resistant to all effects; due to her very thick armor, a kikimore queen is very hard to injure, regardless of whether the sword is silver or steel.

Susceptibility: Kikimore queens moves very slowly that is their only weakness.

Tactics: Can knock down and kill a man with a single blow.

Alchemy: Kikimore queen's nerve.

Some scientists claim that kikimores behave like ants. They are divided into industrious workers and protective warriors. Life in a kikimore colony is centered around a great, unceasingly procreating female. The landscape around the queen's nest looks like a desert, littered with the remains of unfortunate creatures which unwisely lingered in the area. Not even birdsong can be heard.