The Witcher Bestiary - Noonwraith
Noonwraith Occurrence: Noonwraiths haunt cultivated fields and meadows; they always appear when the sun is high; they are specters but at the same time they maintain a strong connection to the natural world; they see the living but cannot understand them, because the dead cannot hear the living.

Immunity: Immune to blinding, poison, pain and bleeding attempts; they are fearless.

Susceptibility: Sensitive to silver and Specter Oil.

Tactics: They are able to grasp sunrays and blind their enemies with them.

Alchemy: Death Dust, Shimmering Dust, and ectoplasm.

Noonwraiths are born at high noon out of heat, sadness and the sweat of ploughmen. In the hot air above the fields, they gather to dance madly, creating air vortexes, but the specters dislike being watched. Those who peep are forced to dance with them. Noonwraiths stop their dance when the sun goes down, once the abducted mortal is long dead from fear and exhaustion.