The Witcher Bestiary - Devourer
Devourer Occurrence: Devourers are scavengers which live near human settlements, usually in caves and ruins.

Immunity: Immune to conventional poisons and resistant to knockdown attempts.

Susceptibility: Sensitive to silver and Necrophage Oil.

Tactics: Devourers try to knock down their victims and eat them alive.

Alchemy: Shadow Dust, cadaverine, Albar's Crystals, and devourer teeth.

Devourers are often called night witches, because they resemble old, ugly women and are famous for their witch-like viciousness. These creatures gorge themselves on human flesh; although they willingly eat carcasses, above all they crave flesh that is fresh and warm. Devourers hunt after dark in groups that peasants refer to as sabbaths. They like to deceive their victims and torture them, but there is no truth to the tales of their midnight flights on broomsticks and their gingerbread houses.