Hellfire Warlock
Hellfire Warlock

The hellfire warlocks are a secretive group of specialist warlocks who have mastered hellfire, a dangerous energy found only in the Nine Hells. By tapping into this infernal power, these characters learn to infuse their eldritch blasts with the dark power of hellfire.

  • Skills: Intimidate 6 ranks, Spellcraft 6 ranks, Lore 12 ranks.

  • Spells: Brimstone Blast or Hellrime Blast.

Class Features:
  • Hit Dice: d6.

  • Base Attack Bonus: Medium.

  • High Saves: Will.

  • Weapon Proficiencies: Simple weapons.

  • Armor Proficiencies: Light armor. Warlocks can use any of their invocations while wearing light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance. Warlocks wearing medium or heavy armor or using a shield incur a chance of arcane spell failure.

  • Skill Points: 2 + Int modifier.

  • Class Skills: Concentration, Intimidate, Lore, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device.

  • Hellfire Blast: Whenever hellfire warlocks use their eldritch blast ability, they can change their eldritch blast into a hellfire blast. Hellfire blasts deal normal eldritch blast damage plus an extra 2d6 points of damage per class level. If the blast hits multiple targets (such as with eldritch chain), each target takes the extra damage. This damage is not fire damage. The hellfire warlock takes 1 point of Constitution damage for each target hit in this manner.

  • Invoking: At each level, hellfire warlocks gain new invocations known, increased damage with eldritch blast, and an increase in invoker level as if they had also gained a level in the warlock class. They do not, however, gain any other benefit from the warlock class.

  • Resistance to Fire 10: At 2nd level, hellfire warlocks gain resistance to fire 10. This resistance stacks with any resistance to fire gained from warlock class levels.

  • Summon Baatezu: At 2nd level, once per day, a hellfire warlock can randomly summon a powerful devil from the Nine Hells to fight for the party. Control of the Baatezu lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1d8 + the hellfire warlock's class level + the hellfire warlock's Charisma bonus. When the ability expires, the caster loses dominance over the Baatezu, which can have disastrous consequences, as devils typically despise being bothered by lesser beings. The caster is advised not to leave this up to chance, and to dispel the summoned devil before time is up, sending the Baatezu back to the Nine Hells. Though the devil might not attack, this method is the only certain way of avoiding a violent confrontation with the angry creature.

  • Hellfire Shield: Starting at 3rd level, hellfire warlocks can call up hellfire to surround themselves with a protective barrier. This barrier deals damage equal to the hellfire warlock's eldritch blast (including bonus damage from the hellfire blast ability). This barrier automatically strikes the target every round. The target can attempt a Reflex saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 the hellfire warlock's character level + the hellfire warlock's Charisma bonus) for half damage. Each time this ability hits an enemy creature, the hellfire warlock takes 1 point of constitution damage. Because the diabolical forces behind the power of hellfire demand part of the hellfire warlock's essence in exchange for maintaining the shield, if the hellfire warlock does not have a Constitution score or is somehow immune to Constitution damage, then the hellfire warlock cannot use this ability.